Thursday, June 19, 2008

my result

my result finally have got i just have only 2.38 in my cgpa. that is so low.
i just pass it only. Maximum is 4.0 and i just have only got half of it only. is call lucky or what!
for me i also dun know is call lucky or what?
i also want good result one, i think almost all the person also want get good result in thier exam and without study hard. but the wourld is not like that. if u study hard then u will get back the good result, if u lazy then u will never get the good result.
but in this world got some smart guy that no need study too hard then can get good result. they can paly games watch movie ,so free they just study few day before exam then can get a already. so sad i'm not that kind of person. so need to study hard 2 get good result. but i was lazy.
so dun be like me , study hard!!

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