Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 年的情人节和新年

今年我和一班朋友,去了马六甲的Afarmosa晚了三天两夜。虽然没有什么特别的地方,可是有我们在的地方怎么会闷呢!the photo having difference is because using difference camera! if want to see more picture of our trip,u r welcome to my facebook to hv a look. more at my friends facebook.they r kong tan n matthew chin. thanks a lot!
so sorry i hv forget to say that thanks to our 雄爸 he hv bring his lovely daughter to this trip. angel( 雄爸的千金)hv bring a lot of happiness to us! she is so cute.

真是巧合的一年,情人节就真是我们华人的新年还要是正月初一。亲爱的,在这里和你说不好意识。没有和你一起过。不过我可没有忘记你的礼物哦!知道你的手表坏了很久,就决定卖手表给你。选了很久希望你喜欢。SOLVIL TITUS不错吧!