Saturday, July 18, 2009

ice age 3

yesterday night 9:20 pm, me n my lovely honey go to the cinema at jusco cheras selatan (is just near my house lest then 1km) to watch ICE AGE 3 !

we wast planning to watch last week 1. but there is so many time crush n accidental happen so we hv to post pone to last night.

i'm so sorry that untill last night just take u go watch the movie. because i hv working n it hv cauce alot of things to u n me. i dun hv that much time to be with u. i'm so sorry about that.
will back to the movie, the new ice age 3 is so good bring alot of funny n love things in the movie. is best then the ice age 1 n 2. my suggestion is u go watch urself u know that.