Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my result

my last sem result hv come out. i hving 6 subject paper and the result i got is half of my paper hv fail. So sad, when the 1st time i saw it i hv no idea i fail that much. Even my best subject maths i also fail it. i hv never fail my maths subject in my life. This is the 1st time i hv break a new record. Now i hv thinking that did i can finish my diploma in next year? Or i will re-sit the failling paper ,well i hv 2 wait 1 more year 2 finish it. I was very scare, i can think about it. well life is like that, if i give up the earth still turnning it will not stop for me. so i hv 2 wake up and start study hard 2 get all past this sem. wish me lucky.